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No license available

No MICRESS license (FlexNetPublisher system) is found

# License check ...

 # No valid license could be found at the default locations:
 #  MICRESS directory or location specified by the
 #  environment variables 'ACMICRES_LICENSE_FILE' or 'MICRESS_LICENSE'
 # Please specify a license file
 #  or a machine where a license server is running (i.e. @<server_name>)
 # (Type 'verbose' or press 'return' to enable diagnostics)
 # (Input 'file dialogue' or press 'return' twice
 #  for a file selection tool)


  • Answer the question with 'verbose' to enable diagnostics.
  • If you have a standalone license, press 'enter' twice to choose your license file (*.lic).
  • If you have a network license, enter your server (@) (see installation).
  • If you see 'invalid host' messages, check if your computer has an IP in the licensed range. If your administrator cannot tell you, see diagnostic information.

No MIC-TQ license (Safenet Sentinel system) for running MICRESS with coupling to thermo-dynamic data is found

# Reading GES5 workspace ...

 For support on this product contact ""

TQ initialization failed!
Usually, this indicates a missing MIC-TQ license.
Please contact ''.


  • Run example T002_AlCu.dri from the example collection. It uses a free database which only requires a basic license feature. If this example does not run, contact support by emailing to Include diagnostic information (see running license diagnostic).

  • Check which databases are included in your GES5 file. The used GES5 file can be found in the database section of your driving file. There is an according Thermo-Calc macro file for each GES5 file. This is a normal text file. This simulation can only run if your Thermo-Calc license file (LSERVRC) includes according database features. Remake the GES5 file using only licensed databases (see GES5 file creation).

Diagnostic information and contacting support

  • Run the script 'MIC_Info.bat' (Windows), resp. '' (Linux), from the MICRESS installation directory.
  • The diagnostic file 'MIC_info.txt' will be written to your documents folder (Windows), resp. home directory (Linux).
  • Email the diagnostic file to

Firewall blocks communication

MICRESS is running on the license server and checks license properly. But any license servers can be found on other clients in the network despite of valid clients IPs.
The firewall might block necessary ports for communication.


  • License managers log files show which ports are involved (see section Installation-Firewall.
  • Set up according firewall rules for the license manager ('lmgrd.exe') and the vendor demon ('acmicres.exe').

Missing library ( *.DLL, *.so )


MICRESS and its tools are compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio. On fresh Windows installations, the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable libraries might be missing.


Download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 from Microsoft support (file: 'vc_redist.x64.exe') and install as administrator.


The Thermo-Calc TQ library or a Qt framework library is not found.


Run the appropriate starter scripts for the application, e.g. '' or ''. Feel free to adjust your shell profile accordingly to run 'exe', directly.

Ubuntu 20.04.03

The XCB platforms driver library was found but cannot be loaded because of missing dependencies, esp. xcb-xinerama.


Identify missing software packages (ldd) and install them in your system.

Installing additional packages on Ubuntu

ldd platforms/
sudo apt-get install libxcb-xinerama0

License Server does not start (lmtools)


'lmtools' server page reports that the license server process did not start successfully or just hangs.


Check log file location on the configuration page. Is a Windows local service allowed to write there? Test license manager without giving a log file.